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Heel Pain No More

There are various factors contributing to arch and heel discomfort, commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis, ranging from straight forward mechanical issues to complex metabolic conditions.

At Gladys Phala Podiatrist, we provide cutting-edge conservative treatments to address all aspects of heel pain.

Due to the diverse causes involved, we recommend visiting Gladys Phala Podiatrist for a thorough evaluation, precise diagnosis, and optimal treatment.


Plantar fasciitis, the most prevalent cause of heel discomfort, affects the underside of the foot. It involves inflammation of the band of tissue, the plantar fascia, which stretches from the heel to the toes. Initially, the fascia becomes irritated and then inflamed, leading to heel pain. Characteristic symptoms include morning discomfort and pain after periods of rest, which can escalate to constant pain. As the condition progresses, the heel may hurt even without bearing weight.

What are the treatment options for heel pain?

Most individuals with heel pain respond well to conservative, non-surgical treatments. At Gladys Phala Podiatrist, we employ the following techniques:

* Custom-made orthotics

* Custom-made simple insoles

* Footwear guidance

* Specific strapping for the plantar fascia

* Anti-inflammatory medication

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